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Welcome to CAPS 2.0!


  • Federal and State fair lending laws prohibit discrimination in every aspect of a consumer credit transaction. If you'd like to read more about your duties under fair lending laws, click here for a recent article in the Compliance Brief.

  • As of 9/20 the Inventory and Step 4 layout enhancements are now available in CAPS. Please refer to the communication sent on 9/18 for further details.

    Note: If you experience any layout issues on Step 4

    1. Clear the browser cache- Hold “Shift” button on the keyboard and press “F5” button.
    2. Close the browser
    3. Open browser and Login to CAPS again.

  • Please take a minute to help us improve by taking a quick, six (6) question survey. To take the survey, click here.

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New Dealers must complete training for full CAPS access