Credit Acceptance: We change lives!
We Believe...Everyone Deserves a Second Chance!
Changing Lives Since 1972.

Credit Acceptance is a proven industry leader, and has been copied by many. The difference between Credit Acceptance and others trying to emulate our business model is our experience and our commitment to helping deserving consumers receive a fresh start.

Credit Acceptance was founded in 1972 by Don Foss, one of the world's largest independent used car dealers in the 1970's and 1980's. Credit Acceptance is an indirect auto finance company, working with car dealers nationwide to enable them to sell cars to consumers on credit regardless of their credit history. Without our product, consumers may be unable to purchase a vehicle, may purchase an unreliable one, or may not have the opportunity to improve their credit score.

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1967 Don Foss opened his first car lot in Detroit, MI.
1972 Credit Acceptance founded in Southfield, MI.
1992 Inital Public Offering celebrated (NASDAQ: CACC).
1999 Opened Servicing Center in Henderson, NV.
2001 Launched Credit Approval Processing System (CAPS®).
2007 Opened West Coast Training Center in Henderson, NV.
2008 Opened Southfield Servicing Center, MI.
Current Continually improving and changing lives.
The Don Foss Story
Learn how Don Foss, Chairman and Founder of Credit Acceptance, got his start in the used car industry, how he built his dealerships, his keys to success, why he started Credit Acceptance, and the successes and challenges he experienced along the way. Running Time: 28 minutes.

We strive to hire people who bring five core ‘PRIDE’ qualities to work every day:
Positive: Maintain a positive attitude by focusing on solutions and promoting a collaborative and enjoyable environment.
Respectful: Value teamwork, share successes, appreciate others and communicate in a way that promotes trust.
Insightful: Make timely well considered decisions, create innovative solutions and continuously learn.
Direct: Communicate clearly and objectively; don’t be afraid of difficult conversations. Raise concerns through the proper channels.
Earnest: Be honest, sincere and consistent. Work hard and pursue our goals together relentlessly.

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