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What is an Authorized 3rd Party?

An Authorized 3rd Party is a person who you give access to your account to make payments and review your account information. The 3rd Party will not be able to change your information on the account.

Can a 3rd Party access the portal?

Yes, if a customer authorizes a 3rd Party on the account and provides an email address for the 3rd Party, they can enroll in the portal to gain access to your account. Details regarding the access granted are available below in the response What will an authorized 3rd Party have access to? 

How do I authorize a 3rd Party?
  1. From the Profile page of the Customer Portal, click “Add New” under the 3rd Party section

  1. Enter the information of the 3rd Party you are authorizing
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Street Address
    5. City
    6. State
    7. Zip Code

  1. Click Invite 3rd Party. The access granted is detailed in the response "What will an authorized 3rd Party have access to?" 
  2. The authorized 3rd Party will now be displayed on the Profile screen

What will an authorized 3rd Party have access to?

An authorized 3rd Party will be able to see your account information (account status, balance, etc.) and make payments on your account (One-Time payments as well as AutoPay).  A 3rd Party will also be able to update their own email and mailing address. They cannot see or make changes to customer contact information.

How can I remove a 3rd Party?
  1. Click the “Remove” icon from the Profile screen

  1. Read the following screen describing what it means to remove an authorized 3rd Party.
  1. Select Remove, or click Cancel if you decide not to remove the authorized 3rd Party.