Sell more cars, make more money

Credit Acceptance makes it even easier to say 'YES' to every customer, helping you sell more cars and make more money. We offer dealers on our auto finance program competitive financing packages for both subprime and non-prime customers.


Auto finance programs

cars in a dealership

Credit Acceptance offers two subprime auto finance programs–Portfolio and Purchase–for independent, BHPH and franchise car dealers. Both programs benefit dealers with:

  • Competitive advances on new and used vehicles
  • Same-day funding with eContracting
  • 100% non-recourse with no look-to-book
  • Easy-to-use inventory integration
  • Flexible F&I compensation
  • Easy integrations: Dealertrack®, RouteOne®, AutoClick, ProMax...and more


Portfolio program

Dealers on the Credit Acceptance Portfolio Program have an opportunity to get paid three ways:

  1. ADVANCE - You receive money up front, which typically allows you to cover your cost of the vehicle and provides for a modest upfront profit for each contract.
  2. PORTFOLIO PROFIT EXPRESS (PPE) - When you cap a pool* (50 or 100 contracts), you are eligible to receive a PPE payment, which is a percentage of the expected future collections on all contracts in the capped pool.
  3. PORTFOLIO PROFIT - When the total Advance balance in the pool is repaid, 80% of net collections on all contracts in the capped pool is sent to you through monthly Portfolio Profit payments. 

*Each pool represents a subset of your total portfolio of contracts and serves as a mechanism to help accelerate expected Portfolio Profit, and to give you the opportunity to receive an advance on that future profit in the form of a Portfolio Profit Express Payment.


Purchase Program

The Purchase Program provides a higher upfront advance than the Portfolio Program. Dealers may opt to use this program when a higher advance is desired at time of funding, or in environments with more traditional pay plans. Fill out our form to connect with a Market Area Manager in your area and learn about program availability.


Get paid three ways

Unlike other finance companies, we keep paying you. 

When you choose Credit Acceptance for your deals, you can get paid a piece of future collections - up to an 80% piece - through our Portfolio Program.

We pay on average $180 million a year of portfolio profit to dealers enrolled in our program.