Why You Should Choose an Enrolled Dealer

Man searching online for a place to buy a new car

Buying a car can be a tricky process. You need a car. You likely need a car loan or financing to purchase the car. It’s easier to get approved for financing when you have good credit. And truthfully, your credit score isn’t looking so hot right now. Life can be quite the catch-22 sometimes!

Perhaps you’re having a hard time getting financed because you’re a first-time car buyer with no credit established. Or maybe you’ve experiencing financial hardship, which has resulted in bad credit. Thankfully, there are ways for credit-challenged customers to get back on track.

Choosing a dealer enrolled in the Credit Acceptance program can give you a fresh start to building or reestablishing your credit. Here are a few ways Credit Acceptance can be beneficial for you during your financial journey:


  • We have a solid dealership network.
    You have the ability to apply and get approved for financing at participating dealerships in all 50 states. Our program is used in a wide range of independent and franchise car dealerships.

  • Credit approval for everyone.
    Dealers enrolled with Credit Acceptance have the flexibility to approve customers with bad credit or no credit, including but not limited to customers with open Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies, subject to Credit Acceptance’s funding standards.

  • You can get approved for nearly any type of vehicle.
    Participating dealers can offer credit approval on used and new vehicles of all types. Visit your local participating dealership to select a vehicle that works for your needs and budget.


If you are interested in finding a participating car dealer that will help you get started on getting approved for financing, visit the Credit Acceptance website.