4 Ways to Bedazzle Your Used Car on a Budget

close up car seat cover

If you’re ready to upgrade your ride but aren’t ready to invest in a new car, there are plenty of cost-efficient ways for you to update your used car’s features.

Below are some ways you can bedazzle your used car for less than $500.

If you want to deck out your ride in a nice set of wheels, you don’t need to break the bank to do it. According to US News, you can expect to pay about $125 per rim, not including tires and installation.

Window Tinting
Tinting your windows can be another cool, cost-effective way to jazz up your used car for a reasonable cost. While the price generally depends on the make and model of your vehicle as well as the type of tinting you choose, US News says you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars. Since many states have regulations around window tinting, it would be wise to check your state's laws before getting your windows tinted.

Seat Covers
Who said you need to buy your dream car to have your dream interior? A cost-efficient way to update your interior is by installing high-quality vinyl, cloth, or even leather seat covers, which can be custom ordered in a variety of grains and color schemes.

GPS Navigation
No GPS system in your used car? No worries. There are plenty of quality, portable navigation devices you can install in your vehicle ranging from $200 to $500, according to US News.

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