4 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Travel Less Hectic

Thanksgiving Traveling

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year. People all around the world travel from place to place to be with their loved ones for the holiday.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we wanted to give you some helpful pointers that can help make your holiday travel less hectic:


  1. Plan your travel in advance
    Try not to wait until the last minute to make travel plans. Whether you’re booking a flight or taking a road trip, keep in mind that there are numerous other people trying to get to their families for the holiday, so plan accordingly.

  2. Get a head start
    Whether you’re flying or driving, heavy traffic during the holiday season is a given. With that said, you may want to get an early start to avoid traffic and crowds.

  3. Check the weather
    Weather conditions can have a huge impact on your travels, especially if you’re traveling by car. If you plan on driving through inclement weather, you may want to check your car’s safety features, such as your tires and windshield wipers, before hitting the road.

  4. Factor in some extra time
    Padding some extra time into your travel to allow for possible delays and traffic can help alleviate the stress of feeling rushed.

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