5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Car 

Couple asking questions to car dealer

So you’re looking to purchase a vehicle, which is probably one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. While the car buying process can be exciting, it can also be confusing and tedious, especially if you’re a first-time car buyer.

To save you a little time, here are some key questions to ask the dealer while you’re shopping for your next ride:


  1. How much is the car after fees and licensing?
    Focusing too much on monthly payments rather than the actual cost of the vehicle can lure you into making a more expensive purchase. Take the time to understand the total cost of the vehicle and review each cost associated with the car's total price instead of focusing solely on the monthly payment.

  2. What is the warranty coverage?
    It’s important to know the warranty on the vehicle so you’re aware of your responsibilities regarding future vehicle repairs and maintenance.

  3. Am I able to test drive the car?
    It’s always good to get a personal feel for the car you’re considering. And what better way to do that than to take it for a quick spin? This way, you’ll be able to see how the car runs, how much space it has, etc.

  4. What is the car’s history?
    Asking the dealer about the car’s history is a must. Many dealerships have access to vehicle history reports that provide valuable information.

  5. What is the contract term and interest rate?
    If you plan on applying for vehicle financing, inquiring about the term (length) of the contract and interest rate is important to help you understand the total cost of ownership and provide a starting point for negotiations.

If you are beginning the car buying process and are looking to get approved for financing, there are dealers enrolled with Credit Acceptance who can help you get credit approval.