6 Gifts to Give Your Car for the Holiday 

New tires for your car

The holiday season is upon us, and shoppers are eagerly browsing store aisles and websites in search of gifts to purchase for their loved ones.

But who says gift-giving should only be reserved for the people in your life? Why not give something to one thing you spend a lot of time with — your car? After all, cars need love too.

Whether you were already planning or just now decided to get your new or used car a gift for the holidays, here are some ideas:


  1. A good car wash.
    Although many people wash their cars more frequently when the weather’s warm, your car will appreciate a wash n’ wax to remove the snow, salt, bugs and other wintertime elements during the holiday season.

  2. Detailing
    If you’re already getting the outside cleaned, you might as well pamper the inside too, right? After all the shopping trips, holiday runs and lugging gifts around, your car will definitely thank you for it.

  3. Air freshener.
    Because if your ride looks good, it should smell good, too. Think of it as buying a nice bottle of “perfume” for your car.

  4. New air filters.
    Riding around with dirty air filters is not only — well — dirty, it’s also not good for your car. Since the dust and grime blocking the air filter decreases airflow, clean oxygen is unable to mix with the fuel, which lowers your gas mileage and puts unnecessary pressure on your car’s engine. Moral of the story: new air filters are a great gift for your car.

  5. An oil change.
    You should be doing this every few months anyway, but it’s still something your car will appreciate.

  6. New tires.
    Getting your tires rotated every few months or so is great, but one way you can really treat your car is by getting a new set of tires, especially if you’re riding around in the snow.

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