Buying a Car Out of State: What to Know

couple speaks to dealer in front of new car

A major perk of the Internet and modern technology is that it gives car shoppers the ability to search for vehicles online, which means there’s a possibility you may find your perfect car out of state.

If you’re buying a car out of state, here are some important details to keep in mind:

  1. Get a vehicle history report.
    Whenever you purchase a vehicle, particularly a used car, it’s helpful to get a vehicle history report – especially if you’re buying a car out of state. This will help eliminate any surprise issues with the vehicle you are interested in purchasing.

  2. Ask the dealer if you can get the car inspected before you purchase.
    If the dealership accommodates an inspection, it may be wise to book an appointment ahead of time with a local mechanic so you can take the car to get inspected during your test drive.

  3. Check your state’s inspection requirements.
    Since vehicle inspection requirements vary from state to state, make sure you visit your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website to gather information on your state’s safety, emissions and odometer inspection requirements.

  4. Get your title and registration.
    When you’re buying a car out of state, the amount of time left on the previous state’s registration doesn’t matter. You’ll still have to pay for a new title and registration in the vehicle’s new state, which is the state you currently live in.

  5. Make sure the car is properly insured.
    Since various states and finance companies have different rules related to car insurance, it would be wise to contact your insurance company for the specifics on how to properly insure your new vehicle from out of state.

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