Deal or No Deal: How to Find the Right Dealer for Your Car-Buying Experience

Man Sitting In New Car Receives Car Keys

Finding the right car dealer can be just as — if not more — time-consuming as finding the right car, but it’s a critical step in the car-buying process.

Because finding the right car dealer puts you one step closer to finding the right car, you want to make sure you are taking the proper steps to finding the best dealer for you.

How can you do this? By keeping these few key points in mind:


  1. Check the location.
    Since many dealers are open during normal business hours, finding one that’s close to your home or job may be the most convenient.

  2. Consider your auto financing options.
    Knowing the type of car you want is one thing, but knowing how you’re actually going to pay for the vehicle is another. If you’re someone with bad credit or no credit, finding a dealership that offers subprime auto financing may be a wise choice.

  3. Pay attention to their inventory.
    The right dealer will have the right car that works best for you and your budget.

If you’re a credit-challenged car buyer who’s in the beginning stages of the car-buying process, Credit Acceptance can help connect you with the right dealer for you.

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