Getting Married and Your Credit Score

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Getting married is a life-changing event, both emotionally and financially. There are many assumptions about the impact marriage can have on your credit score and history. Let’s walk through a few of those assumptions and whether they are true or false:


  1. Your credit score will combine with your spouse’s once you get married: FALSE.
    Your Social Security number — which is what your individual credit history is tied to — doesn’t merge with your spouse’s after marriage. Neither does your credit history.

  2. Your credit history restarts from scratch after you change your last name: FALSE.
    If you are changing your last name when you get married, simply notify your creditors of this change. Your new and old name will both be listed in your credit report but your credit history should remain the same.

  3. Your spouse’s poor credit will hurt your credit score: FALSE.
    Your spouse’s credit history will have no direct impact on your credit score. However, if you have joint credit card accounts or are a co-borrower on a car or home loan, those joint accounts will be considered in your credit score – good or bad.

If you or your partner are currently experiencing credit problems and need to get approved for financing, it may be a good idea to discuss and weigh your financing options. Regardless of your credit history, dealers enrolled in the Credit Acceptance auto finance program can help you get started on your credit approval for vehicle financing today!