How to Celebrate Halloween Safely During COVID-19

little girl holding a pumpkin

With Halloween approaching and COVID-19 still around, you might be wondering if or how you should celebrate this year. Although a lot has changed, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the holiday festivities. You just need to get creative — and be safe.

Here are some fun ways you can safely celebrate Halloween during COVID-19:

  • Create a Fun Face Mask
    Since the weather is much cooler around Halloween and most people wear a mask with their costume anyway, wearing some type of face covering should feel relatively normal. But even if your costume doesn’t come with a mask, you can always get crafty and decorate one to wear—a fun activity and a good way to stay safe!

  • Drive-by Trick-or-Treating
    Birthdays don’t have to be the only time you do drive-by parades. Coordinating with your neighbors to toss candy at costumed children in their yards is a fun, COVID-friendly alternative to traditional trick-or-treating.

  • Drive-Thru Haunted Experience
    Drive-thru haunted experiences are popping up around the country as a contactless spin on the spooky haunted house tradition. Orlando, FL is opening its first drive-thru Halloween experience called the Haunted Road which reportedly tells a theatrical story through various drive-thru scenes that feature scary creatures and other spooky concepts.

  • Throw a Block Party
    A socially distant block party is another fun, safe way to celebrate Halloween with the people in your neighborhood. You can coordinate with a few friends or neighbors to host driveway friendly games or a craft station for kids and families to rotate though.

  • Host a Quaran-ween Party
    If your city or county is on a “stay-at-home” order for Halloween, you can stay in and plan a spooky Quaran-ween party with immediate family or close friends that you have socially engaged with during the lightened restrictions. Just be sure to keep the shindig to a minimum number of invitees.

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