Celebrating Mother’s Day on a Budget

Women and son embracing in front of new car

When you’re a grown-up with responsibilities like paying for your auto financing and car insurance, giving your mom the world for Mother’s Day may seem a bit out of your budget. But it’s not about what’s in your wallet — it’s about what’s in your heart.

With that in mind, here are some fun, budget-friendly ways to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day:

  • Take her out for a picnic in the park.
    How about surprising your mom with a nice picnic and walk in the park? You can pack up all her favorite foods and pick her up at lunchtime with a nice bouquet of her favorite flowers waiting for her in the passenger’s seat.

  • Give her a special CARd.
    You can buy your mom a nice Mother’s Day card, or do something creative (and budget-friendly) like decorate her car with balloons and fun sticky notes expressing your love and appreciation.

  • Take the kids for a surprise visit to Grandma’s house.
    One thing moms probably love just as much (if not more) than spending time with their kids is spending time with their grandkids. So why not load up the kids and take a trip to Grandma’s house for the day or weekend?

To pull off all of these Mother’s Day activities, you’re going to need a car to make it happen. If you’re in the market to purchase a vehicle and need help getting approved for financing, a dealer enrolled in the Credit Acceptance auto finance program can help you get started on your credit approval.