How to Change a Flat Tire

close up woman changing flat tire

Getting a flat tire is common for drivers. When you’re out on the road, your tires are constantly rolling over a combination of dirt, gravel, potholes and sharper objects like nails and broken glass. These things wear on your tires, which can eventually cause a flat.

For this reason alone, knowing how to change your tires is a must. If you find yourself on the road with a flat tire, here’s what Bridgestone Tire advises:

  1. Find a safe location

  2. Turn on your hazard lights

  3. Find your spare tire, jack and tire iron

  4. Apply wheel wedges

  5. Remove the hubcap

  6. Loosen the lug nuts

  7. Place jack under the vehicle

  8. Raise the vehicle with the jack

  9. Unscrew the lug nuts

  10. Remove the flat tire

  11. Mount the spare tire on the lug bolts

  12. Put the lug nuts back on the lug bolts and tighten them by hand

  13. Lower the vehicle with the jack so the spare tire is touching the ground without the full weight of the vehicle on it

  14. Tighten the lug nuts again

  15. Lower the vehicle completely

  16. Replace the hubcap

  17. Stow all equipment

  18. Check the pressure in the spare tire

  19. Take your flat tire to a technician

Check out the full article on Bridgestone Tires’ website for more details.

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