Get Your Car Ready for Back to School 

Young girl getting into white car with mother

Shopping for school clothes and supplies is probably the first thing that comes to mind when getting your kids ready for back to school. But now think about how much time most parents spend running the kids to and from school and extracurricular activities…shouldn’t preparing your car for the school year be equally as important, given the precious cargo your car carries? We think so.

To ensure a safe and seamless transition into the new school year, here are several things for you to consider when getting your car ready for back to school:


  • Getting it cleaned
    Just like you make sure your kids are clean and ready for school, the same effort and energy should be applied to your car. Giving it a thorough wash and detail (including cleaning out all those dropped snacks between the seats and juice spills) before school starts is a great way to spring back into action.

  • Checking under the hood
    Because you’ll be driving your kids around throughout the school year, it’s wise to make sure that everything is “good under the hood.” This includes checking the fluid levels for engine oil, coolant and transmission, brake and power steering fluid, and windshield fluid.

  • Check your tires
    Be sure to check the tires for uneven tread wear, leaks or any other potential hazards before hitting the road with the kiddos.

  • Making carpool arrangements
    If your kids have friends from school who live nearby, perhaps you can coordinate a carpooling schedule with their parents. Not only does it help lighten your load with getting the kids to and from school and other events, but it helps save on gas!

  • Activating child locks
    If you have younger children in your car, make sure the car’s child-proof locks (check your car manual to find where these are located) are set to ensure the utmost safety when traveling on the road.

  • Installing car seats
    In addition to child locks, you also want to make sure you are traveling with the correct child seats (i.e. car seats, booster seats or booster cushion), and that those seats are installed correctly, if you have younger children riding in the car with you.

  • Check/update emergency kit
    You can never be too careful when you have a car full of active – and on occasion, accident-prone – children. For that reason, it’s good to check and restock your car emergency kit to be prepared for any situations that could arise. Some things you might consider having are: first aid kit; jumper cables; flares or triangle reflectors; flashlight and extra batteries; and tool kit with screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable wrench, etc.

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