How to Host a Fourth of July CAR-beque

Friends Tailgaiting At Carbeque

Cookouts and BBQs have long been staple traditions of Independence Day celebrations in America. But...have you ever hosted a Fourth of July CAR-beque? If not, it could be something fun and different that you can do with your family.

Here’s how it works:


  • Pick a park (preferably one with the best fireworks) to host your event.

  • Pack up your car with all the classic barbecue essentials (grill, cooler, serving table, food, drinks, paper products, etc.).

  • Pay special attention to the layout and guest list for your event. It’s even better when several of your friends and family are participating in the CAR-beque. You can set up various car stations for food, drinks, music…think of it as hosting a tailgate party without the football game!

But the key essential to hosting a great CAR-beque is, of course, a car. Perhaps you’re currently in the market to purchase a vehicle and need help getting approved for financing. If so, an enrolled dealer on the Credit Acceptance auto finance program can help you get started on your credit approval today!