Making Tailgating Kits for Your Car

People tailgating in back of truck

Fall is here, which means football season is in full swing. There is only one thing that is almost as important as watching the game for football fans – TAILGATING!

Before the game, cars pack into parking lots and tailgaters transform their new or used cars into mobile gathering venues. Here are some ideas to make your car the pre-game hot spot:


  • Basics
    The basic must-haves for your tailgate are food, drinks, table(s) and chairs, cooler(s) and ice, plastic ware and utensils. One more must-have is the grill – not only to get barbeque, but it also comes in handy for when the season turns cool.

  • Upgrades
    If you’re really trying to take your tailgating up a few notches, you may consider bringing portable phone chargers, wireless speakers and a portable satellite TV so that you and your guests can watch the pre-game action at the same time. Talk about cool points!

  • Décor
    How your tailgate is set up and decorated will determine the amount of people you will attract. A festive pop-up tent with team colors and other fun decorations (i.e. balloons, erasable chalk ink markers, magnetic team decals for your car, etc.) can draw a crowd.

  • Location
    To ensure you find the perfect spot for your tailgate, arrive early to get first dibs on parking spaces. Sheltered spots to keep the sun, wind and rain away are generally a wise choice.


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