How to Reduce Your Vehicle Wear and Tear with Car Maintenance

close up of man performing vehicle maintenance

As you’re probably aware, owning a car costs money to not only purchase, but maintain. It’s an investment that requires time, care, and attention to detail – that’s if you want your car to last a while. And with the winter season upon us, it’s especially important to ensure you’re intentional about your car maintenance.

Here are some car maintenance tips to prevent vehicle wear and tear and keep your car running properly.

  • Reduce start-and-stop driving
    Constantly starting and stopping your vehicle can take a toll on your car engine. You can prevent this by avoiding routes with a lot of traffic or traffic lights – the goal is to be able to drive longer distances uninterrupted. If this is unavoidable, prioritizing extra car maintenance can account for the constant starting and stopping.

  • Warm up your vehicle
    Warming up your car for a minute before taking it out and driving at higher speeds on the road is a simple yet effective way of protecting your car engine and transmission, especially during the winter months.

  • Be gentle with your brakes
    Putting too much force on your car’s brake pedals can cause unnecessary wear on your vehicle’s braking system, requiring early maintenance and replacement of your brake pads, which can be costly.

  • Get regular car maintenance
    Of course, being good about your car maintenance routine is an effective way to prevent wear and tear of your vehicle, including regular oil changes, tire rotations, car washes, etc. Check your car owner’s manual for more details on how to best maintain your vehicle.

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