How to Remove Dings & Dents from Your Car

close-up of car dent removal tool

Anytime you take your vehicle out for a spin, there’s a possibility it may gain a ding or two. Nothing really to stress over, just something that comes with the territory of owning a car. Maybe you got into a fender-bender or someone accidentally bumped into your car while parking. Whatever the case, the good news is there are ways you can remedy the situation without having to spend a lot of money at the car repair shop.

Check out these do-it-yourself methods for getting that dent or ding out of your ride.

  1. Dent Repair Kit
    There are plenty of dent removal kits online that you can buy at a reasonable price. These kits usually come with a bridge-type tool and a pulling attachment, like a suction cup. After positioning the bridge over the dent, you can pop out the dent by slowly pulling the rod and suction cup outward, away from the dent.

  2. Heat the Surface
    If the dent is in a plastic area of your car such as a front or rear bumper cover, you can apply heat to the surface (i.e. boiling water, hair dryer, etc.) to soften it up then push the dent out from the inside. Read more on this method from

  3. Use a Hammer (Gently)
    If you have a small dent in a steel part of your car, says you can hammer it out by placing a flat piece of wrapped metal on the outer side of the dented area and banging it from the underside with a flat-ended hammer.

  4. Fill with Glazing Putty
    For small dings or paint chips, you can fill those in with glazing putty. Read more on this tip at

  5. Touch Up the Paint
    If the paint of your car has chipped or has been scratched off the surface, this is a pretty simple fix – just touch up the paint!

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