Innovative Car Technologies of 2019

Futuristic Car Design

Every year, automotive technology becomes more sophisticated. The newer the model, the more high-tech the features.

If you’re purchasing a new or used car from a recent model year, below are some modern technologies you might find, according to Kelley Blue Book®:


  1. Mobile Apps
    Some newer car models come with connected smartphone apps that allow drivers to control certain car features from their smart phone, such as locking and unlocking the doors, checking tire pressure and remotely starting the car.

  2. Teen Driver Technology
    For parents who might be a little hesitant to hand over the keys to their new-fledged teenage driver, there are several cars that come with a teen driver feature that can notify parents if the car is being driven over a certain speed, disable the stereo if seat belts aren't used, and even keep the stereo from being turned up too loud.

  3. Stolen Vehicle Tracking Software
    Automakers are building technology into newer-model vehicles that alert law enforcement when a car or truck has been stolen.

  4. Adaptive Cruise Control
    Built-in sensors relieve drivers of newer model vehicles from having to constantly hit the gas and brake in highway traffic.

  5. Lane Departure Warning
    Lane departure warning systems use cameras to determine if a car has drifted too far out of lane.

If you’re currently in the market to purchase a new or used vehicle, you might come across some of these features during your car-buying journey.

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