The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift 

Car Detailing

Flowers, balloons, cards and candy are typically the kind of things people buy for their special someone on Valentine’s Day. According to the National Retail Federation, Valentine’s Day spending in 2017 was $18.2 billion, equaling an average of $136.57 a person. Apparently, love does come with a cost.

While showering your valentine with a slew of romantic gifts is a nice way of proving your love and devotion, why not give them something that's thoughtful, convenient and literally "outside of the box" — like a new car, for example? OK, maybe not that extravagant, but you can at least make them feel like they have a new car by getting their car detailed for them — romantic and affordable!

Car detailing is a service that involves thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle to improve its appearance. Basically, it’s giving your car a good “spring cleaning.” Although services vary from vendor to vendor, car detailing generally involves cleaning the engine, headlights and taillights, wheels and any other part of the vehicle that needs cleaning. Interior and exterior detail services range from shampooing and vacuuming the carpet and upholstery, to cleaning and/or polishing the windows, tires and rims. Pricing may vary depending on the vendor, vehicle size and how much work you’re looking to get done.

So if you're brainstorming things to do for your partner this Valentine's Day, ask to borrow their car keys, take a trip to your local auto detailer or dealership, and surprise your valentine with a clean and sparkly "new" car! 

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