Pros and Cons of Online Car Shopping

man on ipad shops for vehicle in coffee shop

As the digital world continues to evolve and time and convenience become more of a priority, consumers are becoming more comfortable with online shopping – from groceries, to clothing, to cars, and the list goes on.

According to J.D. Power, most Americans now shop for a car online. A recent study conducted by the company found that “more than two-thirds of car buyers go online to research a car, find cars listed for sale, compare different models, determine what their vehicle is worth, calculate car payments and get dealer information."

So, what are the pros and cons of shopping for a car online?

Pros of Online Car Shopping

The main benefit of shopping for a car online is the amount of time you save on research and narrowing down your options. Back in the olden days, shopping for a car consisted of visiting multiple car dealerships, one at a time, and comparing features, models and pricing in search of the best deal. Now, car shoppers have the advantage of doing it all online before stepping foot in the car dealership. In many cases, car shoppers already know what vehicle they plan on purchasing by the time they go to the dealership.

Cons of Online Car Shopping

There really aren’t many cons to online car shopping if you plan on going to the dealership to purchase your vehicle. However, if you plan on buying your car online, there can be some downsides, one being your inability to physically inspect and/or test drive the car before purchasing it. While many online sellers provide photos and video of their vehicles, it helps to get an up-close look of, and feel for, the vehicle you plan on purchasing.

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