Top Dog-Friendly Cars of 2021

dog in car window

If you’re a dog lover who happens to be car shopping, you may want to consider the car size and features that work best for your canine friend. U.S. News & World Report took the following factors into account when ranking the top cars for dogs:

  • Cargo space with climate control and tie-down hooks (for when dogs ride in the kennel)
  • Doors that open wide, low floors and bumpers (for dogs to easily enter and exit the vehicle)
  • Easy-to-clean upholstery (for fur and dirt)
  • Rear seats that can fold fully flat (for more passenger space)
  • Quiet interior and smooth ride (for nervous or carsick dogs)

Based on these features, here are the top ranked cars for dogs according to USNWR:

  • Honda Odyssey
    The sliding side doors of this minivan make it easier for dogs to hop on board, and the large cargo area leaves enough room to store a kennel behind the second row. Dogs that tend to get car sick may also appreciate the smooth ride and limited body roll of this minivan.

  • Kia Soul
    The Kia Soul was recently ranked one of USNWR’s Best New Cars for Teens due to its reliability, safety, quality and value—all traits that make for a good car for dogs as well. The seats are easy to clean and there’s a decent amount of passenger room alongside a boxy cargo area that’s a great fit for a dog crate.

  • Subaru Outback
    Recent models of the Subaru Outback have standard all-wheel drive, a spacious cargo area, and standard safety features that are great for canine passengers. The seats fold flat, the load floor is flat, and the rear opening is wide, leaving a good amount of space for most kennels. There are also cargo hooks in the back to tie crates down, and underfloor storage for additional cargo space.

  • Chevy Equinox
    This SUV has excellent safety and predicted reliability scores to make for a safe ride for you and your canine friend. It is also a comfortable ride, which can help nervous dogs remain calm. The floor of the Equinox is low enough for small dogs to board and exit with ease. The rear seats fold flat and the cargo opening is wide enough to fit a large crate.

You can check out USNWR’s full list of cars for dogs here.

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