Buying a Used Car? Check the Odometer

Car odometer

During the car buying process, knowing the odometer reading of your potential vehicle is imperative — especially if you’re purchasing a used car. Why? Because an odometer reading can be helpful, in determining:

  • The remaining useful life of the vehicle
  • What maintenance and repairs may need to be done
  • If the manufacturer warranty is still applicable on the car
  • The value of the car

A couple of things to be aware of regarding odometer readings:

  • If you suspect the odometer reading may not be correct, ask to view the title, or check Carfax or Autocheck. Car buyers can also check brakes and tires for wear and tear. If the vehicle has less than 20,000 miles on it, as an example, excessive wear could be a potential sign that the odometer is incorrect.
  • If the vehicle has had an odometer adjustment, it should be noted on the title and somewhere on the car (usually the door panel). Repair shops are required to put a sticker on the car that indicates the odometer has been corrected or changed.

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