Getting Your Car Washed in the Winter? 

Blue car getting washed in the winter

Many folks have a tendency to get their car washed more frequently during the summertime, but getting it washed in the winter is equally as important, if not more.

We know what you’re thinking — what’s the point in getting my car washed when it will just get covered in snow and salt again? Good question.

While getting your car washed during the wintertime may seem a bit backwards, there’s a particular four-letter word that explains why doing it is so important: rust.

Once rust appears on a car, it’s bound to spread. Salt, snow and moisture are the ingredients that can cause a car to rust. Cleaning your car frequently can prevent rust from showing up under the paint, under the car, and other areas you may not notice.

So instead of allowing the winter elements to overtake your vehicle this season, make sure you’re washing your car frequently to help keep it rust-free.

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