Car Dealer 4-1-1: How to Provide Car Buyers with Credit Approval

Dealers With Car Buyers

There’s an entire market of car buyers with bad credit or no credit who need credit approval and a second chance to improve their credit. The Credit Acceptance auto finance program was designed for car dealers like you to offer credit approval to every customer, regardless of his or her credit history.

Car dealers that are enrolled in the Credit Acceptance auto finance program have the ability to approve credit-challenged car buyers for auto financing through our proprietary Credit Approval Processing System (CAPS®).

First, you enter the customer’s information into CAPS. Once that information is processed by CAPS and the vehicle and customer’s desired financing terms are selected, you can receive written credit approval for the customer on nearly any new or used car in your inventory in 30 seconds or less!

For more information on how you can help get credit-challenged car buyers approved for financing, fill out the Become a Dealer form on our website!