Help Your Customers Buy a Car and Improve Their Credit

car dealer shakes hands with customer

Most businesses have a goal to grow, and you can’t do that by saying ‘no.’ Your customers come to you looking for a reliable new or used car. Whether it is to get to a job or get kids to school, everyone should have the opportunity to purchase a car. Credit Acceptance gives you the ability to say ‘yes’ to everyone! Customers are more than just a credit score and Credit Acceptance allows you to approve every customer that walks through your door, whether they have subprime to prime credit or no credit to excellent credit.

How does your dealership help your customers buy a car… Simply put, by offering a finance company that enables you to say ‘Approved,’ regardless of their credit score.

And potentially improve their credit score? Credit Acceptance also reports the customer’s payments to three credit bureaus. When customers make on-time payments, it can positively impact their credit score over time. We also offer tools to help educate your customers! Education on credit and how scores are impacted is important. We offer a program called Extra Credit by Credit Acceptance and a Consumer Blog that engages customers with tips and information on credit and the auto world! Check out these blogs for examples:

Giving your customers a chance to purchase a car and educating them on credit, can help build trust! They may not have had the opportunity at other dealerships and may feel discouraged. Building a working and trusting relationship with your dealership may create a clientele that returns for years to come. Credit Acceptance can help you sell cars and set your customers up for success!

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