How Dealers Can Help Customers Buy a Car Within Their Budget

man shakes hand of car dealer

Understanding how much your customers want to spend is important when helping them purchase a car that meets their budget. If you’re a car dealer that offers subprime auto financing to car buyers with bad credit or no credit, listening to your customers’ needs and showing them cars that are within their budget can help establish trust.

Here are 3 ways to help you determine a subprime customer’s budget when purchasing a car:

  1. Be straightforward.
    The best way to identify a person’s budget is to be direct. Find out how much they have for a down payment and what their desired monthly car payment is based on their individual budget.

  2. Present car options that fit your customers’ budget.
    Once you determine your customers’ needs, the next step is identifying which cars in your inventory best fit their budget. Helping your customers understand what their options are and focusing on cars that meet their needs and budgets is a good way to build trust with car buyers.

  3. Be patient.
    Rushing the car-buying process to close the deal is a sure way to lose customer trust. Buying a car is a major decision for most consumers, so you want them to feel comfortable and confident about their decision.


In addition to helping credit-challenged car buyers get approved for financing, dealers enrolled in the Credit Acceptance program can help customers get into a reliable car with a monthly car payment that fits their budget. With Credit Acceptance, dealers can offer qualified customers contract terms up to 72 months, which can help your customers purchase newer, lower-mileage vehicles at a lower monthly cost.

If you are interested in learning more about offering subprime financing and enrolling in the Credit Acceptance auto finance program, fill out the form on our website to learn more!