How Enrolled Dealers Get Paid 

Man and woman at dealership in front of new car

If you’re a dealer who has not yet enrolled in the Credit Acceptance auto finance program, you might be curious to know additional information and, specifically, how dealers get paid on the program.¹

Credit Acceptance can help independent, franchise and Buy Here Pay Here dealers like you sell more cars and make more money, while giving their customers an opportunity to purchase a reliable vehicle and rebuild their credit with on-time payments. What sets our company apart from other auto finance companies are the key benefits we offer to our nationwide network of enrolled dealers: 1) approval of everyone regardless of credit history, and 2) nearly 50 years of experience in the industry.

We offer two programs to enrolled dealers, the Portfolio Program and the Purchase Program.


Portfolio Program

There are three ways you may get paid through our Portfolio Program:


  1. Advance:
    You receive money up front, which typically allows you to cover your cost of the vehicle and provides for a modest upfront profit for each contract.

  2. Portfolio Profit Express (PPE):
    When you reach 100 contracts in a pool,* the pool caps and you are eligible to receive a Portfolio Profit Express payment, which is a percentage of the expected future collections on all 100 contracts in the capped pool. This serves as a mechanism to accelerate expected Portfolio Profit in the form of a Portfolio Profit Express check.

  3. Portfolio Profit:
    Once the total advance balance on the pool is repaid, you are eligible to receive 80 percent of everything we collect on all 100 deals in the capped pool paid to you through monthly Portfolio Profit checks.

    *Each pool represents a subset of your total portfolio of contracts.

Purchase Program

On the Purchase Program, we pay dealers a single upfront payment.

Now that you’ve learned how you can get paid through the Credit Acceptance program, it’s time to get started! All you have to do is fill out this brief form to start the enrollment process.

¹The amount paid to Dealers is governed by the Dealer Servicing Agreement and the Purchase Program Agreement, depending on the program under which the contract is submitted and accepted. Nothing in this article shall amend or modify those agreements.