Benefits of Enrolled Dealers 

new and used cars at dealership

Many people have a hard time getting approved for financing due to having bad credit or no credit history established. But, as a dealer, you want and should be able to help every customer who walks through your door, regardless of their credit history. Enrolling with Credit Acceptance gives you the tools you need to do just that.

The Credit Acceptance auto finance program was created to help dealers offer credit approval to credit-challenged customers you otherwise wouldn’t be able to finance. Here are a few ways you benefit from the program as an enrolled dealer:


  1. You can help customers get approved for financing.
    CAPS® (our Credit Approval Processing System) enables dealers to give customers fast and easy credit approval on every new or used vehicle in their inventory, regardless of bad credit, no credit or even bankruptcy. Through our program, you can help customers get into a reliable vehicle that meets their needs, fits their budget and may help them improve their credit score (with on-time payments) so that they may qualify for traditional financing in the future.

  2. You can sell more cars.
    We said it once, we’ll say it again: more approvals means more car sales. Through Credit Acceptance, dealers can sell any vehicle that works well for customers in their market, including new cars and late model, lower-mileage used vehicles.

  3. You can make more money.
    And of course, more sales equals more money. For example, once you become an enrolled dealer in our Portfolio Program, there are three ways you can get paid: Advance, Portfolio Profit Express and Portfolio Profit. Learn more about how enrolled dealers get paid through our auto finance programs.¹

You know the benefits, now it’s time to become an enrolled dealer! Fill out this brief form to get started.

¹The amount paid to Dealers is governed by the Dealer Servicing Agreement and the Purchase Program Agreement, depending on the program under which the contract is submitted and accepted. Nothing in this article shall amend or modify those agreements.