Preparing Your Car Dealership for Tax Season in 3 Simple Steps


For many car dealers, tax season can result in a substantial increase in car sales due to eager car shoppers with a tax refund check burning a hole in their pocket.

To help you prepare your car dealership for tax season, we’ve provided some helpful practices that you can implement:


  1. Plan your inventory in advance
    Car dealers should begin developing their approach to tax season early, rather than waiting until the last minute (December and January), when pre-owned inventory sells for a premium.

  2. Get the word out
    Developing a marketing strategy to get the word out to potential car buyers about promotions or sales your dealership is offering during tax season is a great way to drive more traffic to your lot.

  3. Prepare and train your staff
    To ensure your staff is equipped to handle the possible increase in dealership traffic during tax season, it’s important that all team members are well-versed in meeting car buyers’ needs.

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