5 Ways Your Dealership Can Create Leads 

Car dealer working with customers at auto dealership

With the world literally right at your fingertips (aka the Internet), there are plenty of creative ways for you to attract customers and generate new business.

Here are some ideas to consider when creating your car sales lead generation system:


  1. Take advantage of your resources.
    If you’re an enrolled dealer in the Credit Acceptance auto finance program, you’ll receive email notifications from CAPS® (our proprietary Credit Approval Processing System) informing you each time a new lead is received.

  2. Make sure your website is up-to-date.
    As a dealer, you want to ensure your website is continuously updated to include the latest inventory to keep your customers in the know of what vehicles are on your lot.

  3. Stay engaged with past, present and potential customers.
    As a dealer, you want to develop and put in place an effective marketing strategy that takes into account the full range of your potential customers. It’s important for your sales team to be in regular contact with customers in order to increase your chances of a new car sale or repeat business.

  4. Create customer referral programs*.
    Another way your dealership can get stronger leads is by creating and promoting more customer referral programs. Consider a special discount or a free tune-up or tire rotation for customers who refer a friend or family member to your dealership.

  5. Consider expanding into the subprime auto financing market.
    There is an entire market of potential car buyers out there who are getting rejected for credit approval on their next car purchase due to having bad credit or no credit established. Dealers enrolled in the Credit Acceptance auto finance program have the ability to offer approval to every consumer regardless of his/her credit history. After all, the more customers you serve, the more leads and car sales you generate!

If you would like to learn more about getting into the subprime market and becoming an enrolled dealer, fill out this brief form on our website to get started!

* Some states have laws and regulations that address referral programs. Consult with your legal counsel prior to implementing these programs in your state.