Ways to Train Your Car Dealership Staff Effectively

dealership staff in front of vehicle

While meeting sales cycles and quotas may be the keys to running a successful car dealership, having a well-trained staff is a critical component to accomplishing those key metrics.

Taking the steps to ensure your dealership staff is trained during these unprecedented times may impact the success of your car business.

Here are some topics you may want to cover when training your dealership staff:

  • Require compliance training for new hires and current employees to ensure your entire staff is knowledgeable of industry regulations.

  • Schedule regular performance reviews.

  • Develop and implement a contingency plan for working through unprecedented times such as COVID-19.

  • Ensure your entire staff is in accord with greeting/servicing customers and walking them through the credit approval process.

  • Study customer information to prepare for effective sales engagement.

  • Improve phone and email follow-up skills.

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