Words from the Wise: How This Enrolled Dealer Achieves Success in the Credit Acceptance Program

Handshake Between Consumer and Auto Dealer

Two primary factors that car dealers typically consider when enrolling in the Credit Acceptance auto finance program are:


  1. A dependable finance company that will allow the dealer to help credit-challenged car buyers obtain credit approval to purchase a vehicle.

  2. A means to expand their customer base and increase car sales through subprime auto financing.

While enrolling in the Credit Acceptance program has advantages for any dealer (i.e. competitive advances, same-day funding, easy integrations with third-party systems, etc.), dealers that have achieved particularly high success in our program possess a couple common traits: organization and consistency.

Autoplex, a dealer that enrolled in the Credit Acceptance program in August of 2018, attributes its success to their application process.

“Besides pre-approval and working every deal in CAPS®, we found that using Credit Acceptance as our first click on every application has driven our success,” says Autoplex co-owner Patty Ortiz. “This ensures that we don’t miss a single opportunity.”

With the right processes in place, you too can find success as an enrolled dealer in our auto finance program.

To learn more about enrolling with Credit Acceptance, browse through our Dealers section and fill out the form on our website.