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Your opportunity to improve your credit starts here. Our Car Buyer Resource Center features an assortment of valuable tools and resources designed to help car buyers with bad credit or no credit purchase a car. Here, you'll find blog posts, videos, customer reviews and more to help you make informed decisions about your auto financing and overall credit. 


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The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Car and Improve Your Credit

Adulting can come with its fair share of challenges, especially pertaining to your finances.
Whether you’re a first-time car buyer with limited credit history or someone who’s experienced financial hardship (i.e., bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure, etc.) that resulted in bad credit, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you along your credit and car buying journey.



Your financial roadmap


Whether you’re fresh out of school learning the ropes of adulthood, or you’ve hit some bumps in the road to financial freedom, we want to share the resources that can help position you for financial success.

ExtraCredit by Credit Acceptance is a financial wellness resource created to empower you with the knowledge to help you take control of your finances.


Customer reviews

  • David Ferrell | Flatrock, MI
  • Joe and Wendy Muscato | Grass Lake, MI
  • Floyd | Redford, MI
  • Leslie | Roseville, MI
  • Mia | Athens, OH
  • Kyle | Buffalo, NY
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Videos on car buying, credit approval and more!

  • Improve your credit
  • Do you need a cosigner?
  • Can used and new vehicles of all types be financed through Credit Acceptance?
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Auto loan calculator


Our car payment and auto loan calculator estimates your monthly car payment and total car price so you can plan and budget for financing your next car. It’s as simple as entering some information to get the estimated monthly payment and selling price of a vehicle.


Express Lane blog

  • The ultimate guide to buy a car & improve your credit

    We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you along your credit and car buying journey.
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  • What Documents Do I Need to Purchase a Vehicle?

    Purchasing a vehicle requires a ton of paperwork that can slow the process down if you aren’t prepared. Here are six items to bring with you to the dealership.
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  • How to Buy a Car Without a Cosigner

    While a cosigner can increase your chances of getting credit approval, you can still get approved for auto financing without one. Here’s how.
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