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How do I get to the Customer Portal

a. Open a Web Browser. See below for a list of recommended browsers:

• Internet Explorer or Safari (version 9 or higher)

• FireFox (version 38 or higher)

• Chrome (version 28 or higher)

b. Go to

c. Sign in

How do I create an account within the Portal?

a.  Click the Not Enrolled? Sign up now link

b.  Choose your role (Customer or Authorized 3rd Party)

c.   Enter your Account Number and the last 4 digits of your SSN (If you are an authorized 3rd Party see How do I (an Authorized 3rd Party) create an account within the portal?


d.  Click Enroll

e.   Enter your Personal Email Address, Password, and Phone Number

f.   Review and accept the Terms of Use and the Terms and Conditions

g.  Click Accept & Create Account 

h.  Clicking Accept and Create Account will trigger a verification email to be sent to your email account. You will need to verify your email address before your next login.

      Access your email and open the confirmation email sent to you

i.   Copy or click the link provided into your browser



How can I log in to view my account?

• Make sure you have created an account first. To create an account, follow the steps in How do I create an account within the portal?

  1. Type Email/Username in the field labeled Email/Username
  2. Enter your personal password in the field labeled Password
  3. Click the Sign In button


  d.  If you have not clicked the "Remember me and trust this computer" button previously or if you haven't logged in for more than 35 days, you will need to verify your


  1.  Choose the preferred verification method and click Send
  2.  Enter the Email/Username, password, and Identification Code into the screen

              i.     The Identification Code will only be good for 15 minutes. If the code expires, click the Resend button.  

             ii.     Click the "Remember me and trust this computer" to save the computer information for the next log in. This information will keep the computer

                      as a saved device for 35 days and is refreshed every time you log in.

            iii.     Click Sign In to view the account





I forgot my username

  a.  Click the Forgot Email/Username link, located under the Sign In button



  b.  Enter your Account Number and the Last 4 Digits of your SSN


  c.  Click  the Next button

  d.  Your email address will be displayed and you can either update your email address or log in using your email address and password.    


I forgot my password
  1. Click the Forgot Password link, located under the Sign In Button, next to the Forgot Username link


      b.  Enter your Email/Username

      c.  Enter the Last 4 Digits of your SSN


      d.  Click Send Password Reset Link Button

      e.  Open the password reset email and click the link provided

      f. Type in new password

     g. Click Save


I forgot my email OR I cannot access the email registered to my account OR I forgot my username and cannot remember what email is on file
  1.  Click the Forgot Email button 


  b. Enter your Account Number and the last 4 digits of your SSN


c. Use the email displayed to sign in or change your portal log in email address


What does the warning, “We don’t recognize the computer you’re using” mean and how do I get rid of it?

The website is set up to secure your information. Once you follow the process outlined in How can I log in to view my account?, your computer/device will be remembered for future log in attempts.

How do I re-send the confirmation email?

First, check your Spam or Junk folder of your email account to make sure the confirmation email was not accidentally blocked. If you do not find the confirmation email in your Spam or Junk folders, you will need to follow the I Forgot My Password process.

How do I change the email address used to log into the portal?
  1.  Click the Forgot Email button. 


  b. Enter your Account Number and the last 4 digits of your SSN.

  • An Authorized 3rd Party is not able to update their log in email address and will need the customer to resend the invitation email to the new email address.



c. The portal will display the current email address on file for your account. Click the Change Email button.


d. Enter the new email address and agree to the Terms and Conditions

e. You will see a confirmation of the new email address and will also receive an email at the new email address confirming the change.

  • You must verify the email address through the confirmation email.
  • If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your Spam or Junk folders.



Can I be locked-out of my account?

After 7 failed Sign in attempts, your account will be locked for 10 minutes. 


Is the portal available using a mobile device?

Yes, the portal can be accessed using a mobile device.

How do I add another Credit Acceptance account to my portal access?
  1. Sign into the Customer Portal
  2. Click the Add Account link next to the Account section on the home screen

  1. Enter the Account Number of the account you want to add
    • You will only be able to add additional accounts for which you are the Maker or Co-Maker.
  2. Click Add Account


How do I delete my account?

You will need to call Credit Acceptance at 1-800-634-1506 to delete your account. Keep in mind that if you delete your account, you will be unable to log in to the portal or view the details of your account until you make a new portal account.

I keep receiving surveys in the portal and on the phone. Are these the same survey?

Each survey is different and collects different information. Credit Acceptance is always working to provide the best service possible to its customers and, as part of that effort, we are collecting customer experience data. Each survey is optional, but we encourage you to share your experiences.

I opened the tutorial or a survey and now I can’t do anything else. How do I get back to the rest of the portal?

You have three options – complete the survey and tutorial, click the "Remind Me Later" button to have the item open again at your next log in, or click the X in the top right hand corner to permanently close the tutorial or survey.

I tried to login to the portal but it says my email address is not verified. What do I need to do?

You will need to access your email account and click on the link in the email from Credit Acceptance to verify your email address.

  • If you cannot locate the email, click “Resend” to have the verification email sent again.
  • If you do not have time to verify your email address, you can click the Guest Pay button to make a payment without logging in.