Customer Review- Jaleise, Detroit, MI

When I got my first car, unfortunately I got into an accident with that car which caused me to file bankruptcy. I'm stuck. No reliable transportation. And now, I found out that I was pregnant. I knew I needed to get things turned around quickly because I had this baby to prepare for. My brother-in-law reached out to me and told me, "Hey, I think you should try Credit Acceptance." I was able to find a car within my budget. Same day I walked off the lot with the car. After having reliable transportation, it was a big relief. I was able to save that money and prepare for my son. Being on maternity leave I only was receiving like seventy percent of my pay. And I called into Credit Acceptance to set up different payment arrangements and they worked with me. And I was still able to make my monthly payments on time. Being able to get past all of this with bankruptcy, I'm thankful. And I'm more so thankful because Credit Acceptance allowed me to do that.