Customer Review- Lauren, Cleveland Heights, OH

My name is Lauren. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and I realized I needed a new vehicle to get back and forth to work, get my kids to daycare. Early in life when I was 18 I got offered a lot of credit cards, and I didn't really understand the importance of credit and the role it would play in my life today and ultimately destroyed my credit. Eventually I did hear about a dealership that was approving people with lower credit scores and they were able to introduce me to Credit Acceptance. I was very appreciative that Credit Acceptance was willing to give me a chance to build my credit and prove myself. I did ultimately end up paying off my vehicle, and now my credit is a lot higher than it was before and to be able to not rely on other people for transportation as much, I just feel a lot more independent and able to do things more on my own again. The work that Credit Acceptance does is truly making a big impact on people's lives. It definitely made a big impact on mine.