Customer Review- Mia, Athens, OH

Student loans can come back to bite you a little bit. When the time came to buy a car, my credit score was pretty low and I knew I had to do something to raise it. Buying a car was nearly impossible. I contacted a couple different dealers but was they all denied me because of my credit score. I was told I needed a co-signer and I was adamant about getting a car for myself, by myself. I really wanted to do this on my own and be financially independent.

And then Mia found Credit Acceptance…

I was ecstatic! I was able to get the car that I wanted at the payments I could afford. It was amazing. On-time payments enabled me to raise my credit score and apply for a mortgage and get approved to buy a house. Buying a car and a house is the American dream. It’s what everyone wants to do, so I really appreciate it.