Customer reviews

  • Customer Review Ross Wade of NY Profile Photo

    I was able to finance the car my wife and I fell in love with; and through on-time payments boost my credit at the same time. I would not have been able to make this purchase without Credit Acceptance.


    Yonkers, NY

  • Customer review Bette Jo of Rome, NY

    Because of Credit Acceptance I was able to purchase a reliable vehicle to get back and forth to work, and one that fit in my budget.

    Bette Jo

    Rome, NY

  • Customer review Mia of Athens, OH

    With a Credit Acceptance dealer I was able to finance my vehicle on my own without a cosigner.


    Athens, OH

  • Customer review Aileen of Clinton, MS

    Thank you Credit Acceptance. Due to my on-time payments, my credit score increased.


    Clinton, MS

  • Customer review Christopher of Ephrata, PA

    Financing though a Credit Acceptance dealer was easy, and my payment was affordable.


    Ephrata, PA

  • Customer review Natasha of Flint, MI

    Credit Acceptance gave me the opportunity to build up my credit and I am truly thankful.


    Flint, MI

  • Customer review Linda of Georgetown, OH

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity with on-time payments to restore my credit after my bankruptcy.


    Georgetown, OH

  • Customer review Lakeisha of Springfield, MO

    Thank you Credit Acceptance for giving me the opportunity to provide reliable transportation for my family.


    Springfield, MO

  • Customer review Destiny of Bakersfield, CA

    The Customer Service Team was very helpful at Credit Acceptance. I was extremely satisfied with their service.


    Bakersfield, CA

  • Customer review Samuel of Lowville, NY

    I am so thankful Credit Acceptance helped me during a difficult financial time.


    Lowville, NY

  • Customer review Marcel of Rogers, AR

    I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from Credit Acceptance. Thank you!


    Rogers, AR

  • Customer review Ashley of Saint Louis, MO

    Credit Acceptance’s customer service was always friendly and helpful. They would be my first choice when recommending to friends and family.


    Saint Louis, MO

  • Customer Review Stephanie Logue of TX

    At the time of my purchase, my credit was poor and no one would help me. Credit Acceptance gave me the opportunity to improve my credit by making on-time payments.


    Euless, TX

  • Customer Review Rudolph of PA

    My credit was really poor and I needed a vehicle. Thank you, Credit Acceptance. You gave me a chance to rebuild my credit through on-time payments.


    Natrona Heights, PA

  • Customer Review Alicia of Saint Paul, MN

    Thank you for making my approval process easy to understand and follow!


    Saint Paul, MN

  • Customer review Jennifer of Rochester, NY

    Because of my on-time payments, my credit score increased over 200 points. This has helped me get approved for other financing.


    Rochester, NY

  • Customer Review Reginald of CA Profile Photo

    My experience with Credit Acceptance has helped me manage my finances and bills better. Thanks for trusting me!


    Vista, CA

  • Customer review Kendrea of Flint, MI

    Thanks for the great customer service Credit Acceptance. You were very helpful throughout the term of my contract.


    Flint, MI

  • Customer Review Juanita of NJ

    Thanks, Credit Acceptance, for giving me the opportunity to finance a reliable vehicle I could afford. My experience was great!


    Camden, NJ

  • Customer Review Thor of NY Profile Photo

    My credit score has increased dramatically due to my on-time payments with Credit Acceptance. My approval was easy and I found the car of my dreams!


    Binghamton, NY

  • Customer Review Michael of LA Profile Photo

    Thank you, Credit Acceptance, for working with me during a payment situation. You provided me with the best options and your customer service was great!


    Baton Rouge, LA

  • Customer Review Teaola of NY Profile Photo

    Thanks for changing my life, Credit Acceptance. Because of you, I was able to get my first car financed in my own name and without a co-signer.


    Buffalo, NY

  • Customer Review Charles of PA Profile Photo

    I needed a car for work, and just when I thought I would not be able to get one – then I was approved for financing through Credit Acceptance. Thank you.


    Freeland, PA

  • Customer Review Amber of NJ Profile Photo

    My life has changed for the better since I was approved by the dealer through Credit Acceptance. Thanks for the compassion, which is needed for a successful business. Kindness matters and I appreciate you!


    Cape May, NJ

  • Customer Review Edward of AZ Profile Photo

    After losing almost everything due to an injury, Credit Acceptance helped me get back on my feet again. I paid off my truck and have since traded it in for a new car without any issues. Thank you, Credit Acceptance!


    Tucson, AZ

  • Customer Review Amber of OH Profile Photo

    Thanks, Credit Acceptance, for a great experience! Making on-time payments with AutoPay made the process easy.


    Orrville, OH

  • Customer Review Kirk of MN Profile Photo

    Thanks to Credit Acceptance, I was able to purchase a reliable vehicle instead of constantly replacing one vehicle after another.


    Moose Lake, MN

  • Customer Review Svetlana of AZ Profile Photo

    My experience with Credit Acceptance was great and I would not change a thing. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to rebuild my credit!


    Chandler, AZ

  • Customer Review Derrick of PA Profile Photo

    Thanks, Credit Acceptance, for helping me when no one else would. My credit score has improved due to my on-time payments.


    Philadelphia, PA

  • Customer Review Pauline of VT Profile Photo

    I felt so relieved once I knew I could get approved. The service they offer is great. I didn’t have to call in much because I never had any issues but, when I did, their customer service team was helpful and efficient.


    Bennington, VT

  • Customer Review Geoffrey of CA Profile Photo

    Credit Acceptance is a great company to work with and very flexible. Their payment system makes on-time payments a breeze!


    Hemet, CA

  • Customer Review Amanda of ME Profile Photo

    At the time of trying to purchase our car, my husband and I were having credit issues which prevented us from being able to get financing at our bank. I was so happy when we were told we were approved through Credit Acceptance, as we were in desperate need of a second vehicle!


    Wilton, ME

  • Customer Review John of NY Profile Photo

    After making on-time payments, my credit score improved and I was able to purchase a brand-new car. Thank you, Credit Acceptance, for providing me with the opportunity to prove myself.


    Kingston, NY

  • Customer Review Karen of OH Profile Photo

    Thanks Credit Acceptance for giving me the opportunity to get a car that fit my needs. Recently, I was able to purchase another car without any issues due to my on-time payments with you.


    Toledo, OH

  • Customer Review Mark of NJ Profile Photo

    Credit Acceptance gave me an opportunity to purchase the vehicle I always wanted, when no one else would finance me. I also improved my credit score faster than any other tactic in the past by making on-time payments.


    Monroe Township, NJ

  • Customer Review Lyndsay of NY Profile Photo

    I can’t believe how much my credit score has improved because of my on-time payments. Thank you, Credit Acceptance, for being there when I needed help.


    Rochester, NY

  • Customer Review ErAna of AZ Profile Photo

    Credit Acceptance is a great company. Thanks to Credit Acceptance, I’m driving a safe, reliable vehicle.


    Fort Mohave, AZ

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  • Joe and Wendy
    Grass Lake, MI

    We needed a new car for our family, but didn’t believe anyone would give us credit. It meant a lot when Credit Acceptance gave us an approval for a reliable vehicle. Credit Acceptance treated us respectfully and with understanding to help us improve our financial (and emotional) situation.

  • David
    Flat Rock, MI

    When we got approved it had a positive impact for me. It was nice to know Credit Acceptance was willing to take a chance on us, and I really appreciate it.

  • Floyd
    Redford, MI

    Nobody really understands the struggle until you have to personally go through it. If it wasn't for Credit Acceptance, I can't say that I would be where I am today.

  • Leslie
    Roseville, MI

    I was happy to be financed. After a period of time and by making on-time payments, my credit score, it went up, and now it's at almost 700. I realize I'm blessed, and I am thankful for Credit Acceptance.

  • Mia
    Athens, OH

    Student loans can come back to bite you a little bit…Buying a car was nearly impossible…

  • Kyle
    Buffalo, NY

    After graduating high school, I knew I needed some type of transportation to get to and from college. I had no idea what a credit report was, or what my credit score was. I don't think I'd have what I have if it wasn't for Credit Acceptance offering me that hand. Thank you, Credit Acceptance, for giving people with no beginning a start.

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