Dealer Review- Lonzell Webb- Sales Manager, Mt. Moriah Auto Sales, Memphis, TN

My name is Lonzell Webb and I’m the Sales Manager at Mt. Moriah Auto Sales. I had been a Used Car Manager in the car business for about 20 years when I started working at Mt. Moriah Auto Sales. Credit Acceptance was the only indirect subprime financing they were enrolled in and I quickly realized this is the easiest program I had ever worked with.

When a customer comes in the dealership with subpar credit, we enter them in the system and as soon as we hit send, they are approved. Then we walk them out onto the lot and find the car that they want, a lot of times with only $1,000 to $1,500 down. We’ve done over 200 contracts in the best month we’ve had, and typically we’ll do over 150. The fact that Credit Acceptance is simplified allows me to do that.

Working with Credit Acceptance has grown Mt. Moriah Auto Sales to a point where we’re buying more cars and getting more customers. Knowing that I can impact customers’ lives and knowing that I can impact my sales teams’ lives and make dreams come true – it’s pretty awesome. I think it’s going to continue this way.