Dealer Review- Joe Kaisk, Owner of Magic City Motorcars, Barberton, OH

My name is Joe Kaisk and I own Magic City Motorcars in Barberton, Ohio. We’ve been Credit Acceptance dealers since 2004, at which time we decided to get on board because at that time we had been in business six years and saw a steady decline in the customer base we were able to serve due to credit change climates and things like that. Our volume had dropped from 30+ units a month down into the teens and slipping even further.

As, I guess you would call it, a desperation attempt, we took a flyer with Credit Acceptance. I had to borrow the money because I was pretty much out of money, out of resources to sign up, because at that time you had to pay the $10,000 upfront. Upon doing that, I told myself I was committed at that point. I had to pay that money back and the only way I was going to get that money back was to close a pool of business. In August 2005, we were able to close our first pool of business. We received a Portfolio Profit Express Check of $47,000 and 19 closed pools later, I can honestly say that Credit Acceptance not only changed my life, but the lives of thousands of our customers.