Dealer Review- Jon Moore and Todd Stewart, Owners of Moore Stewart Ford, Selma, AL

Jon Moore, Owner- We wanted to sign up with Credit Acceptance because we needed another outlet for helping those customers that we couldn’t get financing for.

Jon Moore- We quickly realized that this is an investment that we need to make. You look at 2008, a lot of companies closed down, a lot of companies laid folks off.

Todd Stewart, Owner- Without Credit Acceptance, we would have had to make some monumental decisions but having Credit Acceptance, it took a lot of pressure off us.

Jon Moore- The express checks, as well as the portfolio profit checks really made a huge difference in our ability to stay in business.

Todd Stewart- Credit Acceptance is the only reason…it’s the only reason.

Barry Parker- People went back to work, so people are needing transportation and in return we’re able to increase our inventory to offer more cars in the Credit Acceptance program. The customer wins, we win, Credit Acceptance wins, we’re all together.

Todd Stewart- It’s really getting very powerful that we’ve been able to be a part of something that is not just our little old business here, it’s affecting a lot of people. It’s allowed me to dream, it’s really allowed me to dream.