Dealer Review- Owner of Reel’s Auto Sales, LLC, Orwell, OH

Hello, I’m Dan Reel from Reel’s Auto Sales in Orwell, Ohio. We started in 1999 as a Buy Here, Pay Here dealership with about 5 to 10 cars. We ran out of money extremely fast and had to borrow money from Grandma to keep going. Over the last three years, since we’ve signed up with Credit Acceptance, we’ve seen substantial growth of business. The business has grown by a minimum of 25% every single year and we have expanded the dealership by twice its size

The cash flow with Credit Acceptance has been a lot better. As an example, every dealer sees an initial profit and with Buy Here Pay Here there’s never an initial profit. You’re recouping the value of the vehicle, your customer is in a good car and you’re back out buying more inventory to do it again and again. Our sales volume has increased, our gross sales have increased, the morality of the employees, the customers, when they walk in the door, the vehicles that we’re able to show them versus the Buy Here, Pay Here. Everything’s improved quite a bit and we can finance anybody. I mean, there’s very few people that we cannot get financing.