John Love, President of Websmart Auto Spencerport, NY

Danny, Customer- Going to Websmart and going through this company has completely changed my life, for sure.

John Love, President, Websmart Auto- One of the things that you realize when you’re working out in the community is that not every customer that’s in a bad situation is a bad person. My name is John Love and I’ve been a Credit Acceptance dealer for five years now.

Prior to that, we were strictly a new car dealer with a semi-successful used car operation. We chose to look into Credit Acceptance because we felt there was a need in our community to deal with the subprime market in a way that other dealers may not have been. It was an opportunity for us to try and grow our business based on our reputation and the strength of the Credit Acceptance program.

One of the key parts to our success is understanding that it’s the people first. When you walk into our operation, we do a proper meet-and-greet, we allow them to select their vehicle and then we present them with terms that fit that vehicle and their qualifications. One of the most important parts of selling a car to a customer, especially in this program, is that it’s a reliable car.

Their car is not just a luxury for them, their car equates to their job, it equates to the rent check, it equates to groceries in their childrens’ mouths. There’s not another program in the marketplace that’s providing me with millions of dollars in my pools. I’m excited every time another pool closes and I am excited about my Credit Acceptance experience. Not just for myself, but for my family as well.