Dealer reviews

  • Enrolling in the Credit Acceptance Portfolio Program in 2015 secured my financial future. Not only are my contracts always funded quickly, being paid over $277,000 in Portfolio Profit has enabled me to keep my dealership doors open through rough times. The peace of mind associated with being enrolled with Credit Acceptance has been invaluable for my dealership.

    Mary Smith

    Owner, Start Fresh Cars, Syracuse, NY

  • After enrolling earlier in the Credit Acceptance Portfolio Program earlier in the year, receiving two Portfolio Profit Express checks in 2020 totaling over $12,900 solidified our decision and enabled us to move forward with opening a second location, even in the midst of the challenging climate.

    April Welch

    Owner, Dean's Auto Sales, Flint, MI

  • 2020 was an extremely difficult year. Thanks to being paid over $83,000 in Portfolio Profit within the year, I was not only able to grow my business and retain my employees, I also was able to continue my philanthropy efforts in giving back to my community during a time when they needed help the most.

    Noel Santos

    General Manager, Arlington Motors, Falls Church, VA

  • Without the $254,312 in Portfolio Profit we were paid in 2020, we would no longer be in business. Expenses far outweighed cash flow, but thanks to our enrollment in the Credit Acceptance Portfolio Program, we were profitable in a year when most businesses lost money.

    Jared Hartstock

    Owner, Auto Max, Morgantown, WV

  • Since we’ve enrolled with Credit Acceptance, we’ve seen substantial growth in our business - 25% per year. We’ve also been able to double the size of our dealership.

    Dan Reel

    Owner, Reel's Auto Sales, LLC, Orwell, OH

  • The Credit Acceptance program gives us the opportunity to offer an approval to all types of customers, regardless of credit bureau score or financial situation and allows us to meet our goal of being able to sell cars to any customer in our community.

    Chris Scott

    VP of Operations, McCafferty Auto Group, Langhorne and Mechanicsburg, PA

  • Our traditional finance sources typically take up to ten days to fund contracts, but we experience much quicker funding (even within 24 hours of submission) with Credit Acceptance when using eContracting.

    Earl Hudson

    General Manager, Opelika Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram,
    Opelika, AL

  • The Credit Acceptance program enables us to offer financing options to anyone, regardless of his or her credit situation or the vehicle they are looking to purchase. It gives us the opportunity to sell more cars now and in the future, because our customers have the opportunity to improve their credit through on-time payments.

    Cory Illes

    Sales Manager, Guaranteed Auto Approval, Lafayette, IN

  • We started out as a wholesaler but with Credit Acceptance, we can retail anything. It’s now our primary business. Credit Acceptance has turned our business into a snowball - it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    Allan Herman

    Owner, Rainbow Motor Sales, Coldwater, MI

  • Being able to finance customers with credit issues through the Credit Acceptance program has been a tremendous boost to the dealership’s bottom line. Additionally, being able to help our customers rebuild their credit is a great feeling.

    Darrell Neilander

    Finance Manager, Loehmann-Blasius Chevrolet Cadillac, Waterbury, CT

  • Credit Acceptance gives us the ability to maximize our sales opportunities. Through Credit Acceptance, we can offer financing to anyone who walks into our dealership, regardless of their credit situation, and make a difference in their life.

    Michael Roper

    Credit Acceptance Finance Manager, Bob Tomes Ford, McKinney, TX

  • Since enrolling in the Credit Acceptance program, we have doubled our annual sales every year for the past four years. Credit Acceptance is an honest company with people who are truly interested in helping us expand our business. They have an outstanding funding team with a desire to help us be successful.

    Harold Deem

    Owner, RockStar Used Cars of Temecula, CA

  • In just 6 months on the Credit Acceptance program, Credit Acceptance has allowed us to close, on average, ten additional contracts per month. The program has been a blessing and has greatly increased our overall portfolio of sales. I can’t imagine not having Credit Acceptance as a tool in my finance bag because it allows us to capture a larger portion of the marketplace and is a significant part of our growth.

    Neal Peifer

    Sales & Finance Manager, Norris-Northup Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Gallopolis, OH

  • The training Credit Acceptance offers gives us the tools we need to be successful. It’s also an easy program to use and the fast funding with eContracting gives us continuous cash flow.

    Steve Gilbert

    Owner, Wyoming Auto Group, Casper, WY

  • We get our up-front money from Credit Acceptance in under a day. That’s fast funding! The stipulations are straight-forward, the funding team is helpful, and the money goes straight to our account. All you have to do is follow the rules. No bank has ever paid me that quickly.

    Alan Painter

    Atlas Automotive, Mesa, AZ

  • California has more than 300,000 consumers each month who are looking to purchase a vehicle. With Credit Acceptance we are not missing these opportunities. What's more, they are the fastest lender I deal with when it comes to getting my money. I’ve actually had instances when we’ve sent the packet off and received same-day funding. It’s great!

    Gary Campbell

    R & R Sales, Inc., Chico, CA

  • We got off to a slow start with Credit Acceptance and initially only used them to save a deal. Last year, we reversed the process and realized there is significant opportunity with Credit Acceptance to sell more cars to credit-challenged customers. We have gone from 1-2 Credit Acceptance contracts per month to an average of 23, with an above average profit. I believe we can do even more.

    Brian Resller

    General Manager, Piercey Toyota, Milipitas, CA

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  • Al & Abe Saad - Owners, Twins Auto Sales
    Detroit, MI

    It feels great to provide transportation to the community. Customers think they cannot get into a vehicle with their credit, but really they can with the Credit Acceptance program. Thank you, Credit Acceptance, for giving us this opportunity for great success.

  • Joe Kaisk - Owner, Magic City Motorcars
    Barberton, OH

    I opened my business in 1998 with about 15 different lenders and selling around 30 cars a month. Credit Acceptance not only saved my dealership, it’s allowed me to increase my sales. The program has been life-changing for me and my customers.

  • John Gleason – President, Automax Incorporated

    Credit Acceptance was able to take our Buy Here Pay Here business and make profitable deals out of it, both in the front and in the back… All of the sudden, we had cash flow, and cash flow enables you to do a great deal…We were able to sell a newer car…keep the customers happy…and expand our business.

  • Dan Reel - Owner, Reel's Auto Sales, LLC
    Orwell, OH

    Since we’ve enrolled with Credit Acceptance, we’ve seen substantial growth in our business - 25% per year. We’ve also been able to double the size of our dealership.

  • Troy Duhon- President, Premier Automotive
    New Orleans, LA

    We've been a Credit Acceptance dealer for more than 10 years, and we've helped so many people get back on their feet and re-establish their credit.

  • Jon Moore and Todd Stewart - Owners, Moore Stewart Ford

    The express checks as well as the portfolio profit checks from Credit Acceptance really made a huge difference in our ability to stay in business. Without Credit Acceptance, we would have had to make some monumental decisions. Credit Acceptance is the only reason we stayed in business.

  • Joshua Gomez - Owner of Joshua Motors
    Vineland, NJ

    This program is the opportunity of a lifetime and it is the best decision I ever made.

  • Lonzell Webb- Sales Manager, Mt. Moriah Auto Sales
    Memphis, TN

    Working with Credit Acceptance has grown Mt. Moriah Auto Sales to a point where we’re buying more cars and getting more customers.

  • Chris Buben and Tameka Buben - Owners, Ride Rite

    Credit Acceptance has truly impacted our lives. We coupled their program with a great customer experience and a quality product, and now we stand out amongst the competition.

  • Austin Vann- General Sales Manager of Steve Landers Auto
    Little Rock, AR

    With Credit Acceptance, we have increased our used car sales by over 10%. We prefer to use Credit Acceptance over other subprime lenders because they service our customers better and they also get us our money faster.

  • Mike Griffin- Owner, Used Car Manager of Zeigler Auto Group
    Elkhart, IN

    I would recommend Credit Acceptance to almost any size dealership. We can offer financing to all of our customers with most resulting in incremental sales that wouldn't have had otherwise.

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