Helping dealers grow
Helping dealers grow

The key to your success is your ability to say yes

We help you say “yes” to every customer.

Credit Acceptance has been helping dealers say “yes” for more than 50 years and we’re still leading the way in auto financing. Started by a dealer for dealers, we know the ins-and-outs of auto financing which is why we offer programs to help you approve every customer, move your inventory quickly, get funded faster and grow your business.

What’s possible?

Choosing how you get paid.
Portfolio Program gives you an opportunity for future cash flow.
Dealers have an opportunity to get paid three ways*:
  • Initial Advance for funded Deal
  • Complete 50 or 100 Deals earn the Portfolio Profit Express Payment
  • Portfolio Profit - we share 80% of net collections with you!
*Each pool represents a subset of your total portfolio of contracts and serves as a mechanism to help accelerate expected Portfolio Profit, and to give you the opportunity to receive an advance on that future profit in the form of a Portfolio Profit Express Payment.
Purchase Program offers a one-time higher upfront advance.
Dealers may use this program when a higher upfront advance is desired at time of funding, or in environments with more traditional pay plans:
  • Competitive new vehicle financing options
  • Up to 84 months for new vehicles

More ways we help you grow your business:
Easily structure, deliver and fund your deals with CAPS®.
Our Credit Approval Processing System (CAPS) enables you to:
  • Increase sales by saying “yes” to every customer
  • Structure deals that are profitable for you, affordable for your customer
  • Go from leads to contracting
  • Automatically feed your vehicle inventory
  • Built-in compliance rules
  • e-Contracting & e-Signature
We offer Full-Spectrum Financing.
With competitive financing across the credit spectrum, you can offer financing options to set every customer up for long-term success:
  • No-credit to prime-credit options
  • Increase cash flow through higher front-end advances
  • Competitive interest rates for customers with our new Platinum, Gold, and Silver programs
  • Interest rates as low as 6.99%
  • Lower or no stipulations for prime customers
  • We’re known experts in the subprime consumer space – now we offer competitive programs for consumers in all credit score ranges

You’re driven to grow your business. We have ways to get you there.

Path 2

Approvals in 30 seconds or less.

Get the ability to approve every customer in under 30 seconds or less.
Path 2

Same day funding

You can get paid faster and receive funding before your customer drives off the lot.
Path 2

Full-spectrum financing

Full-spectrum financing options on new and used vehicles let you meet the needs of customers with no credit to prime—and the opportunity to sell more cars.
Path 2

Easily structure deals in CAPS

CAPS lets you structure, deliver and fund the deal that’s best for you and your customer by proposing multiple, specific deals for each customer, 24/7/365.

What drives dealers to Credit Acceptance?

We get our up-front money from Credit Acceptance in under a day. That’s fast funding! The stipulations are straight-forward, the funding team is helpful, and the money goes straight to our account. All you have to do is follow the rules. No bank has ever paid me that quickly.
Alan Painter
Atlas Automotive, Mesa, AZ
Credit FAQ
Since we’ve enrolled with Credit Acceptance, we’ve seen substantial growth in our business - 25% per year. We’ve also been able to double the size of our dealership.
Dan Reel
Owner, Reel’s Auto Sales, LLC, Orwell, OH
Credit FAQ
The Credit Acceptance program gives us the opportunity to offer an approval to all types of customers, regardless of credit bureau score or financial situation and allows us to meet our goal of being able to sell cars to any customer in our community.
Chris Scott
VP of Operations, McCafferty Auto Group, Langhorne and Mechanicsburg, PA

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Over 50 years of saying “yes.”

A little over 50 years ago, Credit Acceptance was founded by car dealer Don Foss who felt everyone deserved an automobile, along with a way to finance one. Since then, we have welcomed 15K+ dealers into our network and helped finance 4MM+ consumers. Got a minute? Watch the video.