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To help grow your business, we put you in the driver’s seat with:

Portfolio Program

Portfolio Program gives you an opportunity for consistent cash flow by sharing future collections from customers. We offer you three ways to get paid:
  • Front-end advance for every funded deal, which typically allows you to cover your cost of the vehicle and provides for an upfront advance for each contract.
  • Portfolio Profit Express (PPE): Cap a pool* at 50 or 100 contracts and receive a PPE payment—get forecasted cash flows once you hit 50 loans
  • Portfolio Profit: an opportunity to receive 80% of the net collections on all contracts
  • Over $280MM in Portfolio Profit paid out to dealers last year
*Each pool represents a subset of your total portfolio of contracts and serves as a mechanism to help accelerate expected Portfolio Profit, and to give you the opportunity to receive an advance on that future profit in the form of a Portfolio Profit Express Payment.

Purchase Program

Purchase Program offers a one-time higher upfront advance.
  • You may opt to use this program when a higher advance is desired at time of funding, or in environments with more traditional pay plans:
  • Competitive new vehicle financing options
  • Up to 84 months for new vehicles


CAPS enables you to find the best solution quickly:
  • Say “yes” to every customer, regardless of bad credit, no credit—even bankruptcy
  • Structure, deliver and contract the deal that’s best for you and your customers by proposing multiple, specific deals for each customer, 24/7/365
  • Same-day funding with our eContracting & eSignature
  • Automatically feed your vehicle inventory
  • Built-in compliance rules

Full-Spectrum Financing

With competitive financing across the credit spectrum, you can set every customer up for long-term success:
  • No credit to prime credit options
  • Increase cash flow through higher front-end advances
  • Structure deals that meet the customer’s down payment and monthly payment requirements
  • Lower or no stipulations for prime customers
  • Platinum: 660+ FICO with interest rates as low as 6.99%
  • Gold: 600+ FICO with interest rates as low as 11.99%
  • Silver: 550+ FICO with interest rates as low as 15.99%
  • Standard: No minimum FICO with interest rates as low as 16.99%

See all the ways Credit Acceptance works for you.

Learn the ins-and-outs of offering subprime auto financing through your dealership. Plus, learn how to say “yes” to every customer when you enroll in our auto finance programs.

What makes Credit Acceptance’s finance program unique?

We give dealers the ability to approve every customer

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