Dealer Review - Jared Bell, Owner of Bell’s Auto Sales, Bloomington, IN

My name is Jared Bell and the name of my dealership is Bell's Auto Sales. For me, at first being in the car business, I didn't want to overreach myself and I just wanted to start off simple. At the time, we were down to our last dollar in the bank account; we were running on fumes. We said if we're going to make this thing happen, we need to make it happen and take a chance.

Once I got rolling with Credit Acceptance, I saw how the program worked and how well it was doing, heard a lot of positive feedback from our current customers, and it was a game changer for us. A customer could walk in, within 10 seconds walk out with an approval, and in 30 minutes, walk out with a car.

I fell in love with the eSignature process and how easy it is to use and it's been really a big step forward. It was a no brainer for us. With Credit Acceptance, we can put them in newer nicer cars with the same down payment and same monthly payment.

The growth it has given our company has allowed me to meet our financial needs. Without Credit Acceptance, our dealership wouldn't be where we're at today. It's been a life changing event for us.